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Star Wars Battlefront

Day news:
Processors from 343 Industries declared the PC-version of Halo 5: Forge for Halo 5: Guardians:
Minimum system requirements:
Processor - Intel Core i5 frequencies 2, 3 GHz or similar AMD;
Video-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti;
Videopamine - 2 Gbite;
Operational memory 8 Gbite.

Recommended system requirements:
Processor - Intel Core i5-3570K with frequency 3, 4 GHz or similar AMD;
Video-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970;
Videopamine - 4 Gbite;
Operational memory 12 Gbite.

Maximum system requirements:
Processor - Intel Core i7-4770K with frequency 3, 4 GHz or similar AMD;
Video-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti;
Videopamine - 6 Gbite;
Operational memory 16 Gbite.

Day cycle:
CD Projekt Red published her financial report for the first six months. In only six months, the studio earned about $83 million, $35 million of which was net profits. In the absence of major games, the earnings of the developers declined significantly over the past year. The digital services of, which belongs to the Polish studio, set a new record by earning $17, 9 million.

Other news:
The Ubisoft publisher decided that continued support for the imputed joker, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms, was meaningless and announced that the game servers would be closed soon. Ubisoft meant closing the game servers on 1 December this year. Also, Ubisoft publishes that there will be no compensation and no return of money.

The Amplitude Studios Studios was announcing the Tempest supplement for the Endless Legend game. With a new addition, players will be able to fight for power over the seas of Auriga. In addition, the supplement will add Morgawr to Endless Legend. The exact date of completion of the Tempest supplement is not yet known.

Ubisoft anonymized the updated and improved version of Rocksmith 2014 Edition. It will be sold on 4 October at Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and personal computers. The publication will be distributed only in digital form. Users who have already acquired an original version of the game for one of the platforms will be able to download the update at no cost.

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