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Пять лучших новостей из мира науки и технологий по версии «Чуда техники», 17 мая

Not drinking water drivers are as dangerous as drinking alcohol; Fitness against excess weight ные is not an option; and how to survive up to 100 ные scientists have spent half a century researching and recipeing. The top line of the week's news hit parade.

5. Truck

If you ever travel to the American state of Nevada, you'll meet.
on the road without the driver, don't be surprised. The point is that the local authorities issued the world ' s first licence to transport trucks.

The first car was built and tested in Germany. As long as this robot is really allowed to trust only driving on the road. As soon as the truck enters town and town roads, the office has to take over a man. However, a long watch on empty roads ах is the dangerous rutina that you want to trust in the first place.

4. Not all ages

Internet users around the world are interested in testing a new service with artificial intelligence. By putting in a special form someone's photoportrait, you get an automatically defined sex and an approximate age. But with pictures of stars and movies, it's harder than ми, apparently, their efforts to keep young people artificially affected. For example, a 56-year-old Madonna Service called a 44-year-old, and a 47-year-old Vin Diesel gave only 28.

Internet users are, of course, amusing with the heroes of the енныйs, for example, burying pictures of the disney princess, and very excited about how easy it is to deceive this artificial mind.

3. Drink or drink?

Not drinking driving is almost as dangerous as drinking ы, of course, if the first part of the sentence relates to water and the second to alcohol. During special tests, scientists from the British University of Lafboro learned that dehydration causes drivers to make the same mistakes as 0.8 per cent of alcohol.

At least a glass of water every four hours reduces the amount of these mistakes by halving blood and providing sufficient blood flow. The conclusion is, before long trips, you should think about drinks.

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