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roller_phone1_enlTrying to come up with a mobile phone for the future is the favorite hobby of modern novators. But the phone is trying to make as delicate as possible, flexible, stunning... Can he be so “strong” to squeeze in the bracelet? "Maybe" was decided by our compatriot, the designer from St. Petersburg, Alexei Chugunnikov, and created a handwriting bracelet in which the phone and the very original designer are available.

The extent to which the projector ' s screen can be used in the gadgets of the future, many films have been filmed and pictures painted. Usually, they have a three-dimensional holographic projector with an unclear operating principle.roller_phone31_enl Rollerphone's bracelet doesn't look less futuristic and even fantastic, but he doesn't need any special technologies for the future: he's just projecting a clock owner's wrist, a list of contacts, games... Anyway, everything we see in front of us on our phone screens. Two small projectors are located on two sides of the bracelet (theory is that this idea can even be developed in 3D-eff, only if the wrist wasn't too hairy).

And now that the owner's wrist has the symbol "You're ringing" and the signal is coming, then it's time to turn the gadget into a real, complete phone. Very delicate. It's so much that he's in the form of a roller, placed in a clock bracelet, and easily turned into a flexible sensor screen.roller_phone41_enl This part of the design looks fantastic. Of course, sensor screens are nothing supernatural; flexible electronic paper, too. But here are the devices that would combine the two crafts until they show up - although God sees them very well, the designers are waiting for them to make their future flexible phones constantly.

However, if such a projector phone still shows up, it will be not only cute but also ergonomic; it would be good to see how to move a flexible screen automatically without resorting to a second hand that might be busy. However, we may also consider how to bring the idea of a flexible, mobile sensor screen to today ' s technologies, or a bracelet-telephone with a projector from Alexei Chugunnikov, we will hold it in 10 to 15 years.

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