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Ведьмак 3: Дикая охотаThe 2016 computer games will show only the time, but the annes of all, or almost all, the loud novels and the serials have already happened, so we can celebrate what a year is coming. Especially since there is not much time left until the new game season, and in December the developers will start to market the games 2015-2016.

New developments of Geralt

The coming year will probably be remembered by the expected third part of Geralt's adventure from Rivia. Wedimac 3: Wild hunting seems to have every chance of becoming not only the best game of the series, but also the best game of the year. A vastly developed world, a unique war system, colorful characters and, of course, Geralt, alchemy, arts, women and wine.Fallout 4 Perhaps the games of 2015-2016 without the Witch would not be so interesting.

Apocalyptic world post

This year, the competition of Czech masters can be obtained except that Fallout 4, which also hit the games of 2015-2016, and which remains for a few months, and which is now educating fans in the mindful landscape of destroyed nuclear war cities. How will our protégé, who meets on his way and how his adventure ends, is difficult to say.Мафия 3 The developers promise to be a non-linear journey, up to 400 hours of game time, no level restrictions, and the opportunity to continue the game after the performance of the main quests. You can say that 2016 I'm not gonna be able to compare to two hits this year.


However, this does not mean that there will be little newcomer next year. Get away.

In 2016, the games will begin with the third in Mafia. Yeah, we all remember the frustration that we had during the second game of the series.Final Fantasy XV But remember the first two plots, this great atmosphere, these crazy beautiful houses, this snow and this music. Let's try to give the developers another chance, because the first Mafia was uncomfortable, and the second one killed an inconceivable story and boring tasks, but it's not a schedule or a level of peace.

Not the last Fantasia.

The 2016 games will be incomplete without mentioning Final Fantasia. Fifteenth episode, whose popularity seems never to go away. It's hard to say what surprises us the Final Fantasy XV, but certainly the boring characters or the underdeveloped world will not complain.

Rasts and Zombies War

Someone might be interested in the new part of Plants vs. Zombies found on the game list 2015-2016. Easy and filled with humor, it is gradually becoming more complex, and the latter levels are not easy for even experienced players.

Plants vs. Zombies Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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