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In my personal opinion, the most mature film genre is fantastic. What might be better than the reality of which there is no one, that there may be a beam than a smashing into the world that is very different from ours, of course you will agree with me, but there is one "but" that may still be the motive for some films has been the real stories of life, and that is, in fact, I will try to prove it in the example of five mystical fantastic stories. The truth of history can be assured.

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Сны. которые видим мы все и их толкование (10 фото)A lot of things and dreams are dating most people - hair, water, teeth, home, etc. Some of them have always been interpreted in a clear manner and others are directly affected by the situation, and are always explained individually, meaning very different things for each individual. And the fact that in reality only women, such as breastfeeding, can be seen in their sleep.

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Like I believe that every one of you will soon have a cure for all the diseases, but not yet. There are many diseases that humanity is confronted by HIV, cancer, ZIC and many others. And for sure, a cure will be created in the near future, as huge resources are being spent on it.

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Необычные болезни мира (9 фото)Nick O’Donahu -- 30-year-old manager software from Ireland, flying from Austria to London. Looking at the airplane illuminator, he saw something strange in the clouds looking at a man's figure, made some photos.

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There were signs and superstitions in all civilizations and in every era. They are an integral part of virtually any culture. They're funny and not very, in the root, incorrect, slightly outdated, and quite relevant.Пассажир самолета увидел человека в облаках (3 фото) A lot of people think everyone's minds are bullshit and stupid. Some of them are. There are, however, common signs. Are there any signs of mirrors? How many magic mirrors?

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Zoologists break their head over the remains of an unknown animal on the Shahtersk coast, in the Sahel region. The four-metre body resembles the Indian gang dolphin, but the wool on the tail and the body leads to inconsistencies. And the lack of floaters and some kind of foot instead makes a monster like a dinosaur.

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Стоит ли верить приметам - почему нельзя спать напротив зеркала? На побережье Шахтерска обнаружены останки неизвестного животного (5 фото) Привидение Неразгаданная тайна 20 века:

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