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photo_40331On 12 July, the Shatura branch of the United Institute for High Temperatures of the RAN began testing an electromagnetic accelerator capable of dispersing the matter to the first space speed. It will provide useful goods for orbit. The radar is a special device capable of dispersing objects to higher speeds with magnetic fields and electricity. Typically, the track is a set of several parallel conductors, the so-called " track " , which passes the excess flow. If the track is concerned with the conductor, the installation will unravel and push it at a great speed.

President Vladimir Fort told journalists that getting high speeds was difficult. According to him, it is now the task of the creators to obtain high-pressure systems and to explore with them the universe. The second challenge is protection against space bodies and debris. The next challenge is to launch satellites into Earth orbit, is to transmit the RIA News.

Forts believe that the development and study of such electromagnetic accelerators will not only help with the decommissioning of cargo to orbit and the destruction of dangerous space objects, but also in the exploration of the secrets of the universe: to learn how the plasma is being used in space, to learn more about the discovery and the death of the stars. Exploring the way the plasma takes place inside the track will, in his view, help to advance the study of thermonuclear energy.

The head of the RAN promised that the specialists would soon prepare and issue videos of the tests on the Network. During the demonstration test, the " pulu " could be deactivated to a speed of 3 kilometres per second, after which the track failed. However, he was promised to be brought to work by the end of the day.

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