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Всё, что вам нужно знать о ежегодной игровой выставке Е3 2015The E3 exhibit is expected every year, without exception, by all video players. It is in this vast event that the most vivid anons of the new gambling projects are taking place, that we are showing new play consoles and accessories to them, represent new services and many, many others. This year ' s exhibition E3 promises to be incredibly interesting, because the consoles of the new generation PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U are only gaining turns, and the developers are ready to open the curtain of secrets over their own. new games for them.

First of all, you need to know when all the big game publishing conferences are held without exception. And this year's conferences will be much more than in the past. For the first time in E3 history, the conference is organized by the Japanese company Square Enix, famous for its series of Final Fantasy Games. The publication of Bethesda, whose conference will open E3 2015, will not stand by. And the processor manufacturer and the AMD video card organizes a special show for amateurs to play their PC. And the Japanese Sega publisher will miss the exhibition this year.

Here is a list of all conferences, indicating the date and exact time of their commencement in Moscow:

Bethesda - 15 June (4:30).
Microsoft - 15 June (19:30).
Electronic Arts - June 15th (23:00).
Ubisoft - 16 June (1:00).
Sony - 16 June (4:00).
Nintendo - 16 June (19:00).
Square Enix - June 16, 2000.
AMD 17 June (3:00).

As you can see, within three days, you'll have what to do. And if you're really respectful of yourself, you won't miss any of the speeches. Of course, each conference can be viewed lively by websites such as Twitch or, but a list of accurate references to the pattern of events will only be closer to E3. Let's give a second the will of the fantasy and try to figure out what the big players and publishers will show us? Let's go straight down the list.

Bethesda's been working on Fallout 4. Everyone knows that, I know, you know, Western players are pitching about it on every corner. But the publisher keeps silent about it. It's not the fact that the new Fallout will be on this E3, but I really want to believe it. Recently, by the way, there's a rumor that the trailer for the new game has set up and filmed the famous director Guillermo Del Toro and we'll see him at the upcoming exhibition. It's possible that the publisher will be a word and a new game of the Elder Scrolls, but it's certainly something in science fiction.

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