Computer Hardware Is

Компьютерная техника

♪ This term has other meanings, see Flag (values). In programming, the flag refers to one or more batches of memory used to store a dual combination or a code that characterizes some condition... ...Vicipedia

♪ Programmatic technical expertise (computer technical expertise, computer testing) Computer equipment and/or computer media, and the purpose of searching for and securing evidence... ...Vicipedia

- visualization of the display on the display screen (monitor). Unlike the reproduction of the image on a paper or another medium, the image created on the screen can be erased almost immediately or (and) refrigerated, squeezed or stretched, ...

Morphology, what is it? The technology is called the area of human activity that... ...Dmitriev's vocabulary

- See St. Animation. Technique Encyclopedia. _

- Introduction, withdrawal, display, conversion and editing of graphics under computer management. Computer is a powerful and convenient tool for creating and editing graphic images in the processing of printed publications, letters ...

- A combination of computers associated with the transmission of information, the necessary software and equipment for the distribution of information. In this system, any of the connected devices... ...Encyclopedia of technology

- (greek techne art, skill) is a common term to describe many phenomena in which thinking (wise) reveals its presence (this event) in the world. T's been produced by a phenomenal reproduction in different... Sociology: Encyclopedia

- Blitzkrieg I Designer Nival Interactive Publisher...

- StarCraft Exhibition of the original CD, Designer Blizzard Entertainment Editioners Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, Soft Club Localizer...

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