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Внимание: Теперь в КЦ "Буденовский" вы можете приобрести мелкую бытовую технику (кофеварки, чайники, пылесосы, мультиварки, фены, машинки для стрижки, утюги и др.). Павильон Е-17

The Budenowski Computer Centre is a specialized digital trading centre. laptops, computer monitors and other computers Digital equipment... All right.

We've got it!

Big choice of laptops, computers, kits, phones, monitors, e-books at our digital trading center. Plus,

We've got it!

CC Budenovsky has over 200 stores. Strong competition between sellers and a large range of proposed products will allow you to purchase goods at real low prices.

We've got it!

We're comfortable in public transport. We're close to Shasse Enthusiastes. From St. Entusiastes to us 10 to 12 minutes walks or one stop on a tram, trolleybus or a bus.

We're comfortable getting on a car.♪ You can come from Pr-ta Budeny's side or the Guardian Street.

Boudenovsky, BESPLATE!

We're comfortable buying.♪ The internal interface of our compound will make you feel comfortable. Light and wide-ranging trading rows, a comfortable temperature regime and a good atmosphere are the firm style of our complex. If you're hungry, there's two great cafees in the compound where you can eat delicious and low-cost, have lunch or just drink coffee, waiting for, for example, your order.

The Budenowski Computer Centre is a major trading complex that consists of two buildings: a vast modern trading centre and a three-story office building. Budenovsky is very comfortable for both walking and car. Shields and indexes accompanying you from the nearest Shas Entusiaste subway will not be able to escape the journey, which will take 10 minutes on foot. The Kazan J/d (New Station), Mr. Semenovskaya and Mr. Aviamothorya are not far.

The logo of the Budenovsky centre on the roof of the office building is still far from available. If you're here in your car, you'll be very surprised by the big parking lot. You can use any of the 3 entrances to the 8,300 m2 commercial room, which is divided into a European standard. High ceilings, wide passages, ventilation and conditioning systems, cozy cafe will make your stay pleasant.

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