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In February 2015, Vertolet Russia, together with partners from the ICPD, should identify the technical features of a heavy transport helicopter that will be a joint Russian-Chinese development. As long as this is about a 15-38-t vehicle. It is likely that the new project will be a deep upgrade of the world ' s largest helicopter. It will be launched at the beginning of the coming year and will be able to work for a total of 13 terelectronvolts, almost twice as much as the figure before the BAC stops. The new reconstruction is expected by the collider in 2018. In March of this year, the construction of a head ice cream for the Russian Navy will begin at the Admiralth Horses in St Petersburg. The vessel will be able to overcome the ice field with a thickness of up to 80 cm and be autonomous until 60 days. The construction of such a ledocol is very relevant in the light of the new tasks assigned to the Russian armed forces in the Arctic. The ship will also be involved in the Far East. On 30 March, the Russian ship Soyuz-TMA-16M will be dispatched to the ISS. He will take three men on board the station, two of whom will remain on the ISS for a year. During the long-term expedition, Kelly will conduct a series of interesting experiments involving a single astronaut twin. Brothers, who are essentially clones of each other, will simultaneously carry out the same actions in space and on Earth. This will reveal the delicate effects of orbital conditions on human beings.

In the second quarter of this year, for the first time, a test copy of MRJ, a Japanese regional passenger aircraft developed by Mitsubishi, will rise into the sky. The car was pumped in October last year, and now the first flight is ahead. MRJ will be issued in 92 and 72 local versions. The experts note the highest (in Japanese style) quality and precision of the first sample.

Between March and July, the first round trip in history will be made to a fully electric plane receiving solar power. It's a single-local Solar Impulse 2 machine that weighs only 2,300 kilograms at the wings more than Boeing-747, which is not the heavier off-roader. Four electric motors feed from 17,000 cells that convert the solar energy into electricity. Now, Ostendo Technologies from Karlsbad City, California, will release the mini-projectors that will show 3D-golograms. The projector distinguishes the miniature size, and it can be built in the cell phone. So it's not possible that we can get 3D cards hanging right above the smartphone screen. That's a good find for Internet trade, and there's other applications. 2015 is the beginning of the active construction of stadiums in cities where the 2018 World Cup will run. Total cities 11 In April Beginning of a stadium in Kaliningrad All work related to the construction of sports facilities for the championship should be completed by May 2017. On 9 May this year, the first screening of the latest Armata tanks will take place in the celebration of the 1970s. Tank, as stated by the representatives of the Uralvagonzavod, will have an unusual layout - in particular, the crew is safely isolated from the engine and the combat unit. Armata will be followed by a tank with combat and engineering vehicles.

In July, the NASA New Horizon automatic interplanetary station will pass by Pluton and his inexorable Haron satellite. It will be possible for the first time to consider these transneptune facilities nearby. The new horizons will then go to the Copper belt to examine one of his celestial bodies.

Korea ' s late Samsung promises to start equipping its smartphones, tablets and other e-mail with a warehouse screen by the end of the summer. So a small device like a phone can give the user a big picture of a-l's planning. Now, the notions of a " dressing format " and a " big screen " may well be embedded in one device.

By the fall, it is planned to complete the construction of the Mistrial helicopter landing site. The item will be located in Vladivostok, it is designed to service two vessels, the Vladivostok, which was to be delivered last year, and the Sevastopol, which France planned to deliver for the current year. Indeed, at the time of signing the number, the final fate of the contract is unknown.

During the 2015 - 2016 season, the National hockey League plans to put in place its own electronic tracking system for the movement of players and bays. This will help to obtain real-time information for analysis, such as the time spent by the player on the field, the number of strikes, the speed of the flight.

Russia will take the first step towards joining the club of countries that seriously develop wind energy. In the Murmansk region, the construction of the first large wind in our country will begin. The project will include the Dutch Windlife Renewables and the German WSB Neue Energien GmbH. The Russian Government ' s 2013 decisions pave the way for investments in wind power, but require a high degree of localization of the production of generating equipment.

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